Taylor River Fall Fishing Trip 2009



What is about the words "Hawg Trough" that brings a smile to most of my fishing buddies? I think it's due to the fact that there are more big fish in the this one area than anywhere in the country I can think of. Okay, maybe the Middle Kenai perhaps, but for sheer numbers and jaw dropping fish, this place is hard to beat!

We had a great weekend up in the Taylor Park area this Fall and I love making this treak a few times a year. I was with a few fishing Pals this weekend looking to fish for some beasty's,enjoy ourselves and hopefully not freeze from Taylor Park's notorious cold weather at night camping . Brian Yamauchi, fishing pal Todd Peppin, Casey, Travis, craig and a few others tagges along for some fun.

We didn't get to fish together as much I wanted to since so much water around here to choose from -that's a good problem to have! A few denver guys hadn't fished for the Gunnison Kokanee's before so they wanted to try that a bit more than some time on the Hawg Trough.Friend Greg Furimsky from Crested Butte's Angling Bookstore joined the guys as well as local Willowfly guide Patrick Duke for some trout action.


The catch-and-release section of the Taylor begins just past the base of the dam. This .4-mile section is filled with super-sized trout, and as noted outdoors journalist Ed Marsh says, these fish were "born with master's degrees and quickly go on to earn their PhDs." He is not exaggerating.

Past trips to the Taylor River 

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In general the flies fishermen are using are midge larva and mysis shrimp patterns. Midge larva imitations include flies like the brassie, gun metal, WD-40, black beauty, tungsten midge and zebra midge. There are hatches throughout the year when the trout will look up. The most popular is the green drake hatch. This is the only time the highly selective trout can be fooled with a poorly presented big dry. Other mayflies one could encounter on the Taylor are pale morning duns, blue winged olives, red quills and grey drakes. There are also caddis flies, yellow sallies and other small stones. When the selective trout are not feeding on the surface, technique becomes paramount. Sight casting is a popular method for fishing the Taylor. The flies must be presented perfectly which means constantly changing weight amounts. Make sure there is no drag in your system. The flies must look as natural as possible.


t took only 10 minutes to catch my 1st fish of the night. How many fish did I catch that night you ask? We'll let's just say I had a good night out, that and no one else around to crowd me made things very nice as well. Fishing from 8pm -1am was great, lot's of takes, chunking tandem streamers all night and a few camera malfunctions to make things interesting with the big fish I caught (not caught on film).


The Dam above from Tayloe Rez flushes out large volumes of water and when that happens, guess what....mysis cover this area like no other. The flows were a modest 250 our weekend so though we used some mysis, 
they weren't as popolar as it would have been with higher flows. The Dam area has so many trout up there but for all anglers this area is off limits so good luck watching those beast from afar! Thanks Brian for tying such wicked patterns!


The Avalanche Hole, one of the areas most popular areas to fish but also one of the most frustrating due to the guys that push there way in there as you're trying to hook up. Quite a sight though to look up and know that in a matter of months filled with snow, this is not an area I would want to be standing.

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