Chasing Silver, Boca Grande
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Our Guides for Week

These 2 Guys are the best around and would highly recommend them to anyone

Capt Pete Greenan
Florida Fly

Capt Al White
Boca On The Fly

Lodging at Boca Grande North
Close to everything and a great view of the water. Affordable, fishermans decor and all you could ask for and more!!

Ron Rimmer
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Tarpon Flies To Use


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The biggest catches not shown here:
"Colin's 40lb Tarpon was caught on video and not on regular camera's so stay tuned for the great footage on one exciting fight coming soon!"
"Nick's battle with a 100lb Lemon shark was also caught on Film as well"

Spring time is is here and only one thing is on our mind...Tarpon Fishing in Boca Grande Baby! Fly fish for trout sure, Salmon why not, Stripers okay, Tarpon....they're in a class all by themselves and not much compares to these Mighty Giants!! The five of of set out for a nice break away from work, trout fishing, cooler temps for some fun in the sun. Who are we? Just a few Nomads of the sea: myself from Denver, Colin from Anchorage, Rob from Bozeman, Don from Atl and Nick aka "Metro" as Capt Al called him, from Denver.

                             Nick Preparing to cast to about 50 Tarpon

                              Night Tarpon on a Fly at 3:30am...Oh Yeah!!

The best tarpon fishing hotspot on the planet is no real secret to an avid tarpon angler. Tarpon can be found year round at this location but there are certain times of the year when their numbers can be so thick that you could walk on top of them so to speak, literally numbering in the tens of thousands. Which would thus enable any angler a fishing trip of a lifetime as these tarpon are considered giants. So just where is this secret garden of tarpon fishing, none other than Boca Grande Pass.


                                   Colin about to hook into a 40lb Poon!  

                                      The Playas after an exciting day out

There are a lot of different types of fishing experiences out there but not many perhaps outside of Bones or Permy's that compare to sight fishing for these Silvers.Tarpon fly fishing in Florida is a good example of the idea of sport. Many people have compared this form of fishing to hunting. The tarpon is a saltwater fish that comes to the shallow offshore flats and coastal rivers to feed as well as spawn in the Spring/early Summer. Many tarpon grow up to 8 feet long and some can weigh as much as 250 pounds. The top of their mouth, where the hook must be set, is covered by a bony plate that some have described as being a bit like concrete.

                                  The Peanut Butter fly was the ticket!

                                                           I love Tibor!!!

Boca Grande is located on Gasparilla Island in the southwest portion of Florida along the Gulf of Mexico. This small little community starts absolutely booming during the months of May, June and July when these tarpon hunters line up to take on their tarpon fishing adventure. Loaded with accommodations, restaurants and shopping venues, it's the perfect place to bring the family and sneak away on your own little adventure catching these great sport fish.

Boca Grande gathers its name from the Spanish word meaning "Big Mouth" and was used to describe the opening waterway of the pass, thus Boca Grande Pass. Back in the day, this pass was a thriving commercial platform and was utilized by cargo ships to haul processed phosphate from some of those very docks. That business slowed and is virtually non-existent since the opening of the Port of Tampa, and that's when tarpon fishing really kicked into gear. I liked the name so much I named my Dog Boca, How about that!

        An afternoon in the Harbor returning dockside back to our
                                   Casa at Boca Grande North

This trip was one to remember for sure, seeing how the weather, fish and guides all worked out perfectly. Not to mention that all of the guys got along great and enjoyed each others company. Capt Pete and Capt Al truely were some of the best Saltwater guides I've had the pleasure of being around. They made you feel comfortable when out on the water, they knew the water as well as anyone, would help some of the guy's who needed casting tips and it didn't hurt that Capt Pete is a certified Master caster so he really helped us tweak some bad habits out on the water.

Thankfully it was about as good as you could have asked for for a fishing outing. Sure not everyone hooked up on a Tarpon, but as most fly fisherman know, it's not really about that and in the grand scheme of things, just being out there seeing these magnificent creatures pass by you and to even have a shot at them was good enough for most of us. 

Was it the Trapon or the sharks that were more exciting to see, someone asked?Well if it were me both, nothing like chasing pods of Tarpon and than minutes later pulling out the 14 weight with a steel leader to go after about 8 Lemon sharks below our boat to get you going. 

      AKA Narwhal, the Tarpon Slayer                      Bring on the Fishees

Blue skies, sunny weather, nice relaxing boat rides and few crowds most days made this pretty sweet. Oh and a cooler full of beer waiting for us pon returning back to the dock didn't hurt either. 

                         Capt Al, Rob and Donny B going over 
                                  the gameplan for the afternoon

                         A pod of about 25 Tarpon in the dark Shadows!!

Tarpon Tips To Live By

Rule 1: Start your drift at the top of the pass. Don't cut in and just line up with someone else that's already drifting. In other words, don't stop your boat in somebody else's drift line. All boats in the pass tend to drift the same way and in the same line. Just like back in school at the lunch line, no cuts!

Rule 2: When you finish your drift, don't just fire up your boat and go directly back up to the front. Be courteous and make your way back on the OUTSIDE of the drifting line.

Rule 3: Tarpon can spook. Don't throw a wake with your boat. Take your time and ease back into position.

Rule 4: Don't anchor IN the pass. This is an easy way to make everyones day absolutely miserable.

Rule 5: Practice your cast before your trip!!

Rule 6: Go back to Rule 5 over and over again!


There you have it. Four simple rules to fishing one of the greatest tarpon hotspots in the world, Boca Grande Pass.

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