Tampa Winter

                       Tampa Bay Wintertime 


  What a great trip I had down Florida for the Holidays!

 Not many places I would rather be when the weather turns bad in the Rockies than down in the Sunshine State. I headed down to visit the Family and friends down in the Tampa Bay area for the Holidays and wasn't ready to leave quite yet.
We spent 5 days at my sisters house on the Beach in Clearwater and enjoyes some amazing sunsets and trips out in the water.

 Due to my recent shoulder surgery I still can't cast my fly rod, especially an 8wt for some Redfish, snook or Speckled trout quite yet. We did get to spend some quality time on the water and get a few fish but will be returning as fast as possible to get on some fish that laughed at me while I sat on the sideline!

 Clearwater is a great place to be and better yet when you're able to stay right on the beack with a pool, it's hard for me to want to head back to Colorado. Fishing was also limited for me seeing how my surgery over a month ago has limited my ability to catch a few but hopefully I will be back here again in a few months to catch some Redfish.

The debate still ensues for me....Live in Denver half the Year and Tampa Bay the other...what a life that would be to be able to fish both Regions and escape the Cold!



 Many of you have seen me on my Dad's kayak before and he loves this thing! Talk about a great way to get around all types of water and easy in/out for a day out. This by far is his go to boat for most of his Florida fishing in Rivers, Backcountry or out in the Ocean!


 More on Saltwater Fishing and other Great Pictures Here

                        Yum Yum Reds



Ah, the clear blue water and the beautiful color of the sky, all abound from the Tampa fishing charters. The setting of the water in Tampa is similar to a finely painted art scene. After leaving the dock in Tampa, you can expect to be fishing in less than ten minutes. The water is deep, clear and full of tasty catches. There are no long waits in the waters of Tampa either. You can expect a hefty bite within minutes of casting your line. In many other places there are long waits, small fish and less than desirable weather conditions. Any fishing experience in the Tampa area will leave you with a basket full of fish, some great stories and a nice tan! Any of the Tampa fishing charters will provide you with a fishing expedition of a lifetime.

The limit of fish is not lacking either. One of the best features and something that the Tampa fishing charters advertise heavily is the fact that a number of fish are in the local waters. Fishing in the Tampa area can land you snook, redfish, sharks, trout and a variety of other types. There is never a lack of variety or the same old thing in Tampa. Tampa fishing charters have a good working knowledge of the area and what to expect from each one of them. The guides of the Tampa fishing charters can enhance your fishing experience greatly.

One of the leading Tampa fishing charters is the tarpon hunt adventure. The reason that the tarpon is so popular is the mere size of the fish. They give one heck of a fight in their attempt to get away. There is definitely an art to reeling in one of these great silver kings. Not only will they pull and drag the line they will also make frequent jumps to throw the hook. It is a great and exciting hunt! Making it one of the most requested charters out of the Tampa bay!

If the vacation experience is what you are looking for there is much more to do in Florida then the Tampa fishing charters. After a long day of fishing the family can then hop in the car and head over to Busch Gardens or Disney World. The kids will love it and you might find a special treat for you and the Mrs. as well. There are a ton of things to do and Florida, so you will never hear the age-old ring of "we are bored"! That is important when you are attempting to have a relaxing time!




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