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It can change in a heartbeat but carry along Damsels, olive hares ears, callibaetis dries and
callibaetis nymph patterns. Also
bring along olive/black woolly buggers, olive scuds, and chironomids of varying colors #14/16.



If you want gold medal fishing, it’s hard to find any better place than Spinney Mountain Reservoir. Fishwerman can fly fishing from shore, pontoon it or trolling opportunities in a peaceful and scenic setting also exist.

This isolated area is perfect for visitors seeking beautiful views of the Collegiate Mountain Range or just a little solitude from the big city.  Boating enthusiasts can enjoy the 2,500 surface-acre reservoir with two boat ramps that are available depending upon water levels.

This place has it all and don't forget about the Dream Stream close by and 11 Mile Rez also for more fishing opportunities.

Fish oooooooon! Love trying to battle a Spinney Bow with too many rods on board. Spinney for years has been the place to be and still is but with Antero closing in, watchout. A great place though to have to yourself since Antero has the Cherrio hatches going off so that means more fish for you.


Josh with a Piggy caught in a back cove we liked to fish. Too bad he moved back to the South, I know he misses catching big fish like this and hitting the lake a few weekends a month.

Calm days are very nice to have out here, it can get nasty in a heartbeat and the last thing you want in Soutpark is to be on the wrong side of the lake or in unreliable boat to be swept out to sea!

Pretty bows here indeed andsome Pike also if you're lucky. Depends on what floats your boat. Spinney fish are known to fight extremely hard and leave the 5x at home, 2 and 3x needed to fish these beast!

Fishing from shore late afternoon can also prove to be productive catching quite a few due to our laziness from kicking all day

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