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Patagonia Trip December 2007

December 2007
Tags: South America fishing, Patagonia, Argentina, Chile

    Fisherman around the world say that there are only 4 destinations they would love to fish in their lifetime, well I can now say that I have marked two off my last destination of course is Patagonia. Everything you've heard about this wonderland is absolutely true and to have experienced it first hand was one of those trips of a lifetime for sure.

We started this journey in Buenos Aires, Argentina where we soon learned  that  maybe we should have planned on staying here for an additional week seeing how there is so much life and sites to see in this amazing city. Besides the many sites to see the one thing that BA is well known for is it's Tango dancing, did we partake, well we watched from a far due to my 2 left feet! Areas to checkout next time you are in BA are La Boca, Palermo, Puerto Madero, Recoletta and yes the downtown area.

After a few relaxing day's enjoying this area it was time for Chile and our Journey across the Andes. We took a boat ride ferry with Cruce D el Lagos from Lago Nahuel Huapi to Lago Frias, than Peulla, and a final destination to Puerto Varas, Chile. All I can say is that this excursion was one of the best things we did, minus the shuttles between Lakes this was well worth it. The animal life, waterfalls, spectacular scenery and people we met along the way made this a day to remember!


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Recent San Diego/Mexico Fishing Trip

June 2007
Tags: San Diego, Mexico fishing, Coronado Islands, Sharks, Yellowtail, Barracuda

(picture not from our trip-just a popular shot from a local shark guide)

Gran fin de semana de la pesca en San Diego!!!

I thought this first picture would get your attention! Unfortunately no sharks were found eager to bite for us so we settled for a few other fish species to bring back for dinner. We did however manage plenty of fish down in the Coronada Islands in Mexico to keep us busy.

Great trip this past weekend to San Diego. For those that have never been you must check it out. What better city exist out there where it's a constant 70's during the day and only gets into the lows of 50, pretty hard to beat.

We made it down and tried the tourist thing down to Tijuana, big mistake and will never return. Not only is this a 3rd world country but you better make sure to drive a tank to navigate through those crazy streets. We were only there a bit to grab a bite to eat, a cerveza and left promptly.

An early 4:30 wake up call was way too early for me but the coffee was awaiting so I was ready for some fishing. We set off for a fun filled day of fishing in the Coronada Islands, a set of Islands just below the Mexican border.

After a bit of chumming it didn't take long to hook up.

Fish species caught most of the day ranged from Barracuda's, Halibut, Sea/Sand Bass, Yellowtail and a few other fish that looked like rock fish to me. The biggest catch of the day was by Laurel, it took two of us to fight it, in fact as it reached the side of the boat we had no idea what it was......are you ready, it was a hungry seal. Talk about a good dinner, just kidding, they were hanging all over the chum line and we just happened to snatch one, no worries it got off and Laurel was happy to not have her first Saltwater fish as an animal from Sea world!

We took in some great sites from dinner around Point Loma, Sunset Cliffs, lunch in La jolla, and we spent a few hours driving up and down the coast making our way to Del mar.All in all I would say a pretty nice weekend and with great seafood, perfect weather, fishing, and gorgeous scenary up and down the coasts. An ideal destination for a quick, or long vacation stop over.

For those looking for a shark adventure contact this guy, he definitely knows how to put you onto some sharks.
Conway Bowman Shark Fishing

Checkout our Charter boat if interested for various species fishing.

H & M Landing Malahani Boat


Tags: Salmonfly Hatch, Gunnison Gorge,  Pleasure Park

For those that haven't made it to the Gunnison during the big Salmonfly need to make plans to hit it at least once in your life!

We returned from a fun weekend in the Black Canyon/Gunnison Gorge catching some fish and way to much heat. Everybody seemed to catch a fair amount of fish and enjoy some rafting down at the edge of the Black Canyon. Most of the fish we caught averaged 14" so nothing to big stacking up on the bugs. Dr. Fred did manage a decent Bow late one afternoon as well as Jason Sat morning that were around 18-19".

Most of the flies we had success were #22 Chartruse Copper John, #20 BH Green Tungsten, #8 Golden Stone, #16 EHC, #12 Black bodied Caddis, #18 Black foam caddis, #16 Red Copper John, and a few other variant Stone fly imitations.

Besides being a week early for the bugs to go off we still managed to have a good time, some good food and crazy Leroy, the Pleasure Park operator was always great, "Everyday is fishing great and the water is perfect this weekend he says!"

The guys hit the Blue river in Dillon and I decided to try out some good hatches on the Frying Pan. Managed about 15, many on top and lost a big one that took me into my backing before breaking me off!

If you decide to fish the Gunny inside the Black Canyon,it is only for those in great shape and those ready for an adventure. Steep canyon trails require significant physical effort just to get to the river, but, oh, is it worth it!

Located near Montrose, Black Canyon National Park is one of our nation's newest national parks, but the area's rich history goes way back.


The East Portal Road gives those fishermen unwilling to hike into the canyon their only chance to fish the river within the park boundary. Here one has a chance to land a tail-wagging rainbow exceeding 20 inches and hook feisty browns to 15 inches. Deep pools and fast riffles are equally suited for spin or fly-fishing.

Although the Gunnison had not been stocked for many years, whirling disease has made it necessary to do some stocking in recent years to boost trout populations. The Colorado Division of Wildlife has stocked 66,000, 5-inch Colorado River rainbows in the Gunnison Gorge according to Sherman Hebein, senior biologist for the CDOW. "The stocked rainbows are doing very well," said Hebein. "It's good to know the larger fish are surviving. We plan to stock another 90,000 next year."


Flyfishermen do well primarily on nymphs. Using a weighted fly or a weighted leader, a tandem of flies fished with a floating line and a strike indicator must be intently watched for a down-under strike.

With a 9-foot 5 weight rod, cast above the run so the fly is down near bottom by the time it reaches the head of the run.Runs of 3 - 4 feet deep, 2 - 3 feet wide, and 10 feet long or more with slow current in the run, next to faster water, are ideal. Fish hold in these runs, especially the larger trout.


Black Canyon National Park is near Montrose, Colo., off U.S 50.

About 10 miles east of Montrose, follow Colorado 347 five miles

north to the park's entrance and the nearby Visitors Center. A $7 entry fee is required. Fee camping is available.

Free permits are required to hike into the inner canyon. Contact the National Park Service at (970) 641-2337; online, go to

Fishing requires a Colorado fishing license and is limited to

artificial flies and lures. Special regulations are catch-and-

release for all rainbow trout; for brown trout the limit is four fish, of which only one can be over 16 inches, and all brown trout between 12 and 16 inches must be released. Contact the Colorado Division of Wildlife at (970) 252-6000 or online at

For the latest fishing information, in Montrose contact Cimarron Creek, a full-service fly shop at (970) 249-0408 or, or Jeans Westerner, a clothing and outdoor gear store at (970) 249-3600 or

Checkout the article by Rocky Mountain Game & Fish more for great Gunniosn fishing information


*This was a blurb from our June 2006 trip


May 2007
Tags: Delaney Buttes, North Park, Mosquito bite, Big Cutbows


What a weekend we had up in North Park this past weekend. I couldn't have managed to stay in Denver all weekend with temps reaching 100' for a few days, no thanks. What better way to spend a weekend than up at the Buttes catching nice size fish and relaxing a bit!

How was the fishing, well it's Stillwater fishing, it can be good, it can be decent, it can be so-so and it can be slow. It was not to bad but we couldn't figure out what they were taking most of the time. Our buddy Brian didn't have much of a problem, but than again we were at South Lake waiting on some guys to show up so we missed out on the fun while waiting to coordinate with people since most of the guys had never been up there and they may have never found us so we waited out for them.

South Delaney is a nice size lake with plenty of opportunites for trophy fish and camping but for some reason it wasn't fishing as well as East lake. Brian and his buddies "tore it up" on Friday and Saturday so we tried our luck on South that first evening and only managed a few takers with a hatch of massive proportions of MOSQUITOS surrounding us! Yes they were there but we survived.

After an evening out -till 2am, with nothing active, it was time for bed. Vincent and I awoke to talk with Brian who swung by to say hello and say they were off to East again, we stuck around again to wait for some buddies and fished there again. Nice hatch of Calibaetis and we got a few just couldn't land most of them.

Charlie showed, as well as Tim so we were set for a fun night out at East lake. Todd showed up so now we had the whole bunch here to fish from our boats and have a little fun. We met up with Brian and his friends and headed out for a few hours. We caught some and Todd landed a beast, Brian boated 4 or 5 and the rest of us just tried to get anything, the fish were out again but no takers again.

Dinner was set at about 10pm and after a few cocktails, some story's to tell, great food and of some fishing to still be caught it was time to head out again. Todd, myself and Vincent headed out and the last one came in around 3am. What a good night it was and I managed a fatty on a big black streamer at 1am so though she was nice, we again, couldn't get all of these fish jumping around us to bite again, so time for another beer~

The morning came early and a few of us stayed around again for the 10-2 hatch to only have a few takers for Todd, Vincent and I had some lookers but no takers. The wind picked up early at 12 and it was shut down. Time to head onto more water.

After breaking camp we hit some small water off 125 near Granby and had some fun with some fat dries, now that was also fun and something different since we were tired of chunking those 6/7 weights all weekend.

Can't wait to get back, next time we will figure it out, bring more bug spray and Fish East Lake the entire time.

Flies of choice: Hares ear, spinner dries, cripple dries, Damsels, sparkle Calibaetis, big midges, para adams, black cone buggers, brown leeches, olive streamers, crawfish patterns

TDawg & Zeke


Summer 2007
Tags: Kenai River, Alaska fishing

This from my buddy of mine in Anchorage who just got on the Kenai for the start of the season. Man I can't wait to get back there and fish for some of those huge rainbows again!

"Here are some pics from the Kenai opening day float last monday. Decent way to start the year. It was 75F and sunny. Pretty day & big fish.





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