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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Patagonia Adventures Late Spring!

Patagonia Angling Adventures

*I can't wait to get back down there, I had a blast in December when I went down there!

More on my Flyfishaddiction site about Argentina/Chile and my trip

Greetings from Maine. Our long winter appears to be over! The tom turkeys are gobbling every morning, and the fiddleheads are beginning to poke through the leaves in search of the elusive sun. While I start getting the boat and gear ready for the annual invasion of striped bass, my outfitters in Patagonia are wrapping up another fantastic fishing season and thinking about next year. Our Chilean guides stopped fishing in mid-April, and the last day of guiding for our Argentine outfitter was May 12th.

Jim Janney and Pablo in Argentina

We totaled 92 paid angling days in Patagonia from December 2007-April 2008. Once again, our most popular itinerary continues to be the Patagonia do-it-yourself travel trip. Our 15 years of in-country experience has allowed us to filter out the deadwood and focus on the gold.

Lago Las Torres Brownie

Feedback from our clientele suggests that our native guiding partners in Puerto Varas, Chile and San Martin, Argentina are two of the finest guides in Patagonia. Both speak excellent English, and have spent a lifetime fishing the area rivers. PAA decided several years ago to partner up with the finest native guides available in our fishing areas. There continues to be a growing problem with rogue U.S. guides working without proper permits in both countries, and several were arrested, detained, and deported in the Coyhaique area this past season (leaving several clients to fend for themselves). We decided to avoid any similar problems, and nixed the trout bum crowd.

Rio Gol Gol Brown

Our most popular programs involve staying in local hosterias, dining nightly in quaint bistro's, and fishing daily with some of the best guides in Patagonia! We also represent most of the full service lodges in both countries for anglers interested in the all inclusive lodge experience. We can design a custom angling experience for just about any group.

May 9, 2008 Limay River Brown

We have been following the Chilean eruption closely. The Chaiten area is home to many full service fishing lodges, and it appears that the immediate region will be finished as a destination. Lago Yelcho, Rio Blanco, and the Futaleaufu region have been severely impacted, with much worse expected to come. The size of the effected area will depend on several factors yet to unfold. We rarely fish in the Chaiten area and expect little impact on our programs. The ash plume is drifting into the Chubut region of Argentina near the town of Esquel. Our clients visit Esquel often, and we can only hope the ash fall will flush out of the river systems between now and next season. Perusing the many photo's of the eruption makes one realize how inconsequential and powerless the human race is in relationship to Mother Nature.

Chaiten Volcano Lightning Storm

Now is the time to start planning for next year. The Patagonia fishing season opens in late November, and runs through May in several locations. Please let us design a unique and different fishing experience for your group.

All the best!

Tim Rafford

Patagonia Angling Adventures
433 Mill Road
North Yarmouth, ME, 04097

Friday, May 30, 2008

Hooked on North Park..Delaney Buttes Bound!

Hooked on North Park
Area's trout havens don't get much publicity, but they offer a strong population of big fish
By Charlie Meyers The Denver Post

More on FlyFishAddiction
WALDEN — Colorado's stillwater trout fishermen may be forgiven their current affliction of tunnel vision — just so they don't let it hang on too long.
This current infatuation with the reservoirs of South Park is easily understood. First came last summer's blockbuster reopening of Antero, followed by a winter drama of mortality that removed most of the large trout amid a blizzard of newsprint.
Attention shifted to nearby Spinney Mountain Reservoir, where a highly successful opening branded it the hot new place to be until a fresh stocking of Antero takes hold, perhaps in autumn.

Then came an even louder hullabaloo over zebra mussels and the various contortions aimed at preventing the spread of these aquatic hitchhikers: the daily inspection at Spinney, Elevenmile and other impoundments involving water providers; the continuing ban on motorized boating at Antero and Williams Fork; a general pain-in-the-posterior mood wafting over the whole business.

Lost in the publicity shuffle are the best lakes hardly anyone is paying attention to. The several trout havens of North Park — the three Delaney Butte lakes, Lake John and several lesser waters — aren't even close to a secret. It's just that folks from the Denver area sometimes get their sights twisted, forgetting old favorites that actually have gotten better with time.
While nothing ever can equal the raw eruption of big-fish catching that occurred last summer at Antero, the North Park lakes are every bit a match for Spinney and just about any other place on the Colorado map. Besides, you'll encounter no mussel cramps, no entry fees and ample free camping.

A boost in the North Park fishing can be traced to regulation changes, new in 2007, designed to keep more of the larger trout in the water at the Delaney lakes, where fly-and-lure restrictions already apply.

Rainbow and cutthroat trout between 18 and 22 inches must be returned to the water, along with browns between 14 and 20.
The result is a strong population of big fish in all three, trout that line up to eat when the dinner bell chimes the annual cycle of insects. This abundance — midges in May, damselflies in June, calibaetis from late June through August and scuds year-round — causes trout to sprout an astonishing 1 inch each month during prime growing season.
Specific angling strategies begin taking shape at ice-out, when larger cutts and 'bows oriented toward spawning prowl the shoreline within easy reach of every angler. This pattern became disrupted this spring when ice refused to leave; open water didn't come until mid-May, the latest date in memory and a month later than in 2007.

The result has been an erratic beginning that will gain purchase when warmer weather prompts an explosion of midges and, soon after, damsels. Fly-fishermen often find the best early result with a large chironomid pattern, the so-called "bomber" midge pattern.
For best result, suspend this midge just above bottom beneath an indicator. Anglers who prefer an active retrieve should try scuds, damsels or the ever-popular Wooly Bugger.
Late ice-out has kept lures in play longer than usual. On Sunday, a woman cranking

A South Delaney male rainbow in its finest spawning garb. To boost size, rainbows at the lake that are between 18 and 22 inches must be returned to the water. (Charlie Meyers, The Denver Post)a Kast-master appeared to catch more trout than anyone at the south butte lake.
Anglers who prefer fishing with bait gravitate to Lake John, an old favorite where a cook's broth of rainbows, Snake River cutts and cutt-bows still grow to trophy size.
The lone bit of bad news is that Cowdrey Lake, more shallow than the rest, appears to have suffered an extensive winter die-off.

North Park lineup
For the prime lakes of North Park, where you go determines what you get. Biologist Kurt Davies, right, plants fish with an eye toward maximum growth and a varied angler experience.
Lake John: Three separate strains of rainbow trout, Snake River cutthroat trout, some cuttbows. Davies laments that John, oldest North Park lake in its second half-century, now suffers from a preponderant biomass of suckers.
North Delaney Butte: The state's best population of trophy brown trout holds a 5-1 edge over equally large rainbows.
South Delaney Butte: "Snake River cutthroat grow really quickly," Davies said of an angler favorite that shares the lake with rainbow trout.
East Delaney Butte: A dominant rainbow
Chime in With Charlie
Post outdoors editor Charlie Meyers posts entries on this blog devoted to hunting and fishing. Visit it here.population shares the lake with

Sport Fishing May Feature...Louisiana Trout

Sport Fishing May Feature...Louisiana Trout
Any cast might produce the next state-record speck on a rejuvenated Lake Pontchartrain...Read more here

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>>Falls overboard can be deadly: Five tips that will help get you back in the boat >>Former President Bush lands big tarpon in Keys>>Anglers cite access and water quality as greatest problems facing fishing

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

High Snowpack, Hot Temps Wash Out Many Western Rivers

High Snowpack, Hot Temps Wash Out Many Western Rivers

Arkansas isn't the only state that has struggled with too much water this spring. Places like Washington, Oregon and California have seen unusual winter precipitation turn into a torrent of runoff as temperatures rise. But one look at NOAA's Western Water Supply forecasts will give you a sense of perspective. Except for portions of southern Colorado and Oregon, no place is getting hit as hard as western Arkansas.

Still, high waters in Yosemite led Washington Post writer Angus Phillips to spend his days waterfall-watching rather than fly fishing. That in turn "exposed" some of the dangers of hiking in an overcrowded park: "Halfway up Willow Creek, bushwhacking through the scrub oak and pine, we rounded a bend to find a hugely fat, tattooed man stretched out on a rock, stark naked and sunning himself. The women recoiled in mock horror."
By Marshall Cutchin at

Great Map of the West and areas with snowpack levels listed

Thursday, May 22, 2008

UFC Fight Weekend!

My Bud Frank "The Pain" Trigg, former UFC Champ

For those of you ineterested in the fastest growing sport...this is the place! Yes I am a UFC addict and for many of the people I know that frequent this site, I'm not alone!
Take a look at this weekends Matchup it will definitely be a good one to watch:
BJ Penn vs. Sean Sherk
Sherk still needs to prove himself, not impressed by ground & Pound BJ in 2
Lyoto Machida vs. Tito Ortiz
Close fight, but Tito will slam Lyoto a few times and finish him
Keith Jardine vs. Wanderlei Silva
Keith still a good fighter but Silva too much for him
Goran Reljic vs. Wilson Gouveia
Ivan Salaverry vs. Rousimar Palhares
Dong-Hyun Kim vs. Jason Tan
Rameau Sokoudjou vs. Kazuhiro Nakamura
Christian Wellisch vs. Shane Carwin A
ntonio Mendez vs. Thiago Silva
Jon Koppenhaver vs. Yoshiyuki Yoshida
Terry Etim vs. Rich Clementi

Date Time:
May-24-2008 7pm PT / 10pm ET
Event Type:
PPV Live
MGM Grand Garden Arena, Nevada

The fight game can get very personal and the war of words between UFC Lightweight Champion "THE PRODIGY" BJ PENN and former champ SEAN "THE MUSCLE SHARK" SHERK has taken personal to a whole new level. The talking stops and the real competition begins as these two men step into the Octagon to determine the undisputed king of the 155-lb. division.
Plus, the controversial "HUNTINGTON BEACH BAD BOY" TITO ORTIZ faces undefeated Karate master LYOTO "THE DRAGON" MACHIDA
More on the Match ups

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Not ready to let go of Winter!

Two men (maybe Packer Fans!?!?) are out ice fishing at their favorite fishing hole, just fishing quietly and drinking beer. Almost silently, so as not to scare the fish, Larry says, "I think I'm going to divorce my wife - she hasn't spoken to me in over 2 months." Dave continues slowly sipping his beer, then thoughtfully says, "You'd better think it over - women like that are hard to find."

Monday, May 19, 2008

Stocking to fix Antero fish trouble!

Stocking to fix Antero fish trouble!

By The Denver Post
Article Last Updated:

Not so good, not all bad. That's the long-awaited overview on fish survival at Antero Reservoir, where severe winter conditions caused the death of large numbers of trout.

A Colorado Division of Wildlife netting survey revealed just 53 percent of the number of trout counted in April 2007. Fish captured this week generally were smaller than a year ago, mostly 8 to 10 inches with a scattering of large specimens. Splake, cutthroat-rainbow hybrids and Snake River cutthroat survived far better than the large rainbows that caused so much angler excitement last summer.

"We lost most of the larger 18- to 24-inch rainbows," biologist Jeff Spohn lamented.
Spohn emphasized that the numerical reduction reflects a variety of factors beyond winter kill: natural mortality, both summer and winter angler harvest and hooking mortality.
The biologist already has planted 36,000 subcatchable rainbow trout and 100,000 fingerling brown trout.

Spohn plans to stock additional catchable rainbows when supplies are available and predicts a return to good fishing by autumn.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Top Fly Fishing Tips~

Top Fly Fishing Tips!

Click Here for more Info

Trust in the Loop! -- Orvis Fly Fishing

Take More Turns! -- Orvis Fly Fishing

Lift Long Lines from the Water with Ease! -- Orvis Fly Fishing

Use The Force! (Surface Tension) -- Orvis

Cross Fast Currents Safely By Wading Downstream -- Orvis

See What You Are Looking At! -- Orvis

Lubricate Your Fly Fishing Knots! -- Orvis

Better Fly Casts Into The Wind! -- Orvis

Cast Nymph & Indicator Rigs or Sink Tip Fly Lines With Ease! -- Orvis

10 o’clock to 2 o’clock? - NO! Watch the Loops -- Orvis

Always Wear A Wading Belt! -- Orvis

Don’t Rock ‘N Roll While You’re Casting! -- Orvis

Get A Grip! How to Hold Your Fly Rod -- Orvis

Fish Your Backcast -- Orvis

Safe Wading? Move like a Karate/Fencing Student -- Orvis

More Fly Casting In The Wind -- Orvis

Keep Your Fly Casting Practice Sessions Short -- Orvis

Do You See What Trout See? -- Orvis

Best Way To Use A Wading Staff -- Orvis

Where Do I Stop The Fly Rod On The Back Cast -- Orvis

I Can’t See What I’m Doing -- Orvis

Be Safe When Wading Aggressively -- Orvis

Don’t Practice Fly Casting While Yo
u’re Fly Fishing -- Orvis

Feel The Force When Your Fly Rod Is Loaded -- Orvis

Practice Sidearm Casting To Improve Your Fly Fishing -- Orvis

Always Cast To A Target -- Orvis

Walk, Don’t Run, to the River Side -- Orvis

Paste Floatants - How much is too much? -- Orvis

Tying Flies To Your Tippet -- Orvis

For Better Subtlety, Use Aerial Mends -- Orvis

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Recent Fishing News!

Midcurrent News ·
more on Flyfishaddiction also
Go here for more Midcurrent Info

Fly Fishing Video: John Gierach in His Study·
Montana&aposs Westslope Cutthroat Trout Conservation Project·
Tarpon: The Hillary Clinton Fish·
Eightmile Watershed Gets Federal Protection·Stillborns: "The Saddest Story of All"·
California Bans Salmon Fishing on Central Valley Rivers·
Swiss Ban Catch-and-Release·
Gary Loomis Announces Retirement from G. Loomis

Monday, May 12, 2008

Costa Del Mar Hosts Teva Fly Fishing Competition!

Costa Del Mar Hosts Teva Fly Fishing Competition!

Sunglass maker Costa Del Mar will host the Fly Fishing Competition at the Teva Mountain Games, which take place from June 5 - 8 in Vail, Colorado this year. The competition itself takes place on June 9 and 10 and starts with a qualifying round on Gore Creek for 50 registered anglers. The finals will consist of a timed float trip on the Eagle River with two competitors per boat. Anglers will only be able to use one pattern in one size for their fly, but will be allowed six of the same pattern.

For more information and the full press release, read the extended entry.

VAIL, CO - April 28, 2008 - The Teva Mountain Games, the largest outdoor adventure sports festival in the world, announced the open registration for the Costa Del Mar™ Fly Fishing competition to take place Saturday, June 7 through Sunday, June 8. Both professional and amateur anglers are invited to compete head-to-head in various fly fishing events, including a combination distance and accuracy challenge designed to test the best of the best.
The competition is open to the first 50 fly anglers to register. The qualifying rounds on Saturday will include fly distance and accuracy events, with Sunday's finals testing fly fishing skill and acumen. The semi-qualifiers will narrow the field to 20, with the top eight competitors moving into the final round on Sunday.

During the finals, anglers will only be able to use one pattern in one size for their fly, but will be allowed six of the same pattern. The angler with the most total points, based on fish count and size, will win the grand prize - a cash purse of $2,250. Prizes will also be awarded for second and third place finish, as well as for the angler who lands and releases the largest fish.
The entry fee is $25 per person. To register, visit www.tevamountaingames.com.

"We are extremely excited to add Costa Del Mar's energy and authenticity to our fly fishing competition. Costa Del Mar has a long history of working with the best events and athletes and we are honored to be working with them to take this event to the next level," said Joel Heath of Untraditional Marketing, the owner and operator of the Teva Mountain Games.

Costa Del Mar Fly Fishing Competition
Saturday, Jun. 9 - 9 a.m.
Fly Fishing Qualifier Gore Creek Drive, Vail Village
Each of the 50 registered fly anglers will attempt casts at targets for accuracy and judged distance. The top 20 move on to the semi-qualifiers.
Saturday, Jun. 9 - 2 p.m.
Fly Fishing Semi-Qualifier Gore Creek, International Bridge
The semi-qualifier contesters will move to the Gore Creek Bridge and cast again for accuracy. The top eight scoring casters will move on to the Fly Fishing Finals.
Sunday, Jun. 10 - 8 a.m.
Fly Fishing Finals Eagle River from Edwards to Wolcott
The Finals will consist of a timed float trip on the Eagle River with two competitors per boat. Anglers will only be able to use one pattern in one size for their fly, but will be allowed six of the same pattern. The finalists will fish for three to four hours. The angler with the most total points, based on fish count and size, will win the grand prize - a cash purse of $2,250. Prizes will also be awarded for second and third place finish, as well as for the angler who lands and releases the largest fish.
About the Teva Mountain Games
Celebrating seven years, the Teva Mountain Games will take place from June 5 - 8 in Vail, Colorado. The environmentally friendly, motorless outdoor sporting event will host 2,500 professional and amateur outdoor athletes from all over the world. These athletes will converge upon the mountains and rivers to compete in seven sports and 21 disciplines for over $100,000 in prize money. This year's disciplines include kayaking, rafting, mountain biking, road cycling, World Cup and amateur climbing, paragliding, fly-fishing, trail running, diving dogs and multi-sport racing. An estimated 1.4 million people will tune into the Teva Mountain Games on its national television and on-line broadcast.
Since its inception, the Teva Mountain Games have become the premier destination for athletic, adventurous, and environmentally conscious individuals. The 2008 Teva Mountain Games' Sponsors include, Teva, SoBe, Outside Magazine, Pabst Blue Ribbon, GNC, Bear Naked, Powersox, Lärabar, the Town of Vail, Costa Del Mar, Cocona, Urban Climber, Trail Runner, Climbing Magazine, Southwest Fly Fishing Magazine and Canoe and Kayak Magazine.
Teva Mountain Games is owned and operated by Untraditional Marketing, inc, the leader in event and partnership activation for the world's great adventure brands. Untraditional Marketing (UM) is headquartered out of Vail, Colorado.
About Costa Del Mar™
As the leading manufacturer of premium polarized performance sunglasses, Costa Del Mar offers superior lens technology, unparalleled fit and durability, and a lifetime warranty on all of its products. Still handcrafted today in Florida, Costa Del Mar creates the highest quality, best performing sunglasses for outdoor enthusiasts.
Honoring its heritage on the water, Costa Del Mar supports and sponsors a number of marine conservation initiatives and educational programs. The company was founded on protecting the marine environment worldwide and educating others to understand the importance of conservation. Costa Del Mar also sponsors a number of epic outdoor adventures around the world, encouraging others to see what's out there.
For more information, contact 1-800-447-3700 or visit the company's Web site at www.costadelmar.com, or check out Costa Del Mar's original adventure programming at Costa Channel C, www.costachannelc.com

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bighorn River is Fishing Well!

More also on Flyfishaddiction

From Flyfishing the Bighorn,

Every time I write one these river reports, I think Spring is finally here. However, the weather has mostly remained colder and wet. Which is good weather for the baetis hatch and it has been excellent. The water remains very cold. Midges continue to hatch throughout the day. So all in all the dry fly fishing has been good. Nymphing has been generally good with some great days and some okay days. The weather has been so erratic that we have had many days where you experience all four seasons. Flies that we are using for nymphing are black midge pupas, brown midge pupa, size 18-20, red midge larvae, size 16, sow bugs, size 18, pink scuds, size 16-18, baetis nymph size 18 and some San Juan worms. Dries, single midge adult size 20-24, and baetis adult in various patterns size 18.


Black denim w/black suede brim BIGHORN RIVER GUIDES LOGO HATS $10.00

Long-sleeve, hooded, zippered fleece jacket, most sizes, hunter green, black, red, gray with BIGHORN RIVER GUIDES LOGO $22.00
We can ship anywhere.

Call or email us to check availability. We have some excellent guides. Come out and fish the bighorn this season.

The perfect place to spend your IRS Rebate check.

Ellyn and Michael


I also ran into another guy the other day who just returned and also mentioned that the Bighorn was fishing exceptional! They were having some 40+ fish day sfishing various emerging patterns and RSII's seemed to be the go to ticket......can't wait to get back up there myself!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Saltwater Experience Newsletter!

"Tailing Bonefish" on Versus Thursday at 1pm,
Friday at 7am, Saturday at 4 am & 1pm
Join Capt Tom Rowland and Capt Rich Tudor as they venture on one of their favorite types of fishing, tailing bonefish. After they push through the skinniest of water in their Yellowfin 17 skiff and get shallower than the shallowest fish, they also pursue them in the super clear deeper water of the backcountry.
Make sure to Watch this show only on Versus Network. Check your local listings.

"Setting the Hook" on ESPN's Saltwater Sunday,
7:55 am

There are two types of hooks that most fisherman use: the circle hook and the "J" hook.
Each hook has its advantages and disadvantages, but what are they? Let Tom Rowland and Rich Tudor show you how each can improve your fishing success. Specifically, how to set the hook with each style of hook and when to choose one style over the other.
Is a circle always the best choice? Is a "J" Hook out of style?
Tune in this Sunday at 7:55 AM only on ESPN2 and check out what Tom and Rich have to say about both the circle hook and the "J" Hook.
This is one of our best shows ever!
Online Store Coming In 2 Weeks!You'll soon be able to purchase complete seasons of Saltwater Experience online.
Season 1 and Season 2 DVD sets will be released in a few weeks. Additional Saltwater Experience products will include: all new t-shirt designs, hats and visors, favorite
shows on DVD, 6 original Buff designs, Seashocks boat mats, Thumbdinger products, and more! Watch for special promotions, give-aways, and other packages.

Saltwater Experience133 Seashore DriveIslamorada, Florida 33036305-797-2238

Trout's Fly Shop Speakers and Deals!

Thursday's are BYOB!

(don't forget to bring some for us!)

Come experience Happy Hour at Trout's, the greatest thing to happened to fly fishing since breathable waders! From 4 pm - 7 pm, we've got "guide prices" on flies (see menu below), as well as FREE fishing seminars.
With 2400 stocked fly bins, over 200 New Patterns in stock, and more on the way, Trout's truly is Denver's "Fly Shop"! Hope to see you on Thursday.

$.50 Cent Flies
Select patterns only. 6 dozen per person minimum to get discount.
This Weeks FREE Fishing Seminar

Tying Colorado Favorites
With Anthony Bartkkowski, Professional Fly Fishing Guide for The Flyfisher Guide Service and Instructor for The Flyfisher Angling University
Anthony is an incredible fly fishing guide and instructor, but he also isn't too bad at the vise! Come by and hang out with him while he ties some of his favorite fly patterns for fishing the Rocky Mountain West. Anthony's Presentation will begin at 5pm.
Upcoming Seminars
May 15, Fly Fishing Front Range Stillwater, with Jake McKittrick. Jake will be discussing strategies and tactics for fishing many of the Front Range's lakes, reservoirs and ponds.
May 22, "Flies Demystified" for Cheesman Caynon, with Matthew Burkett, Pro-Staff Angler for Winston Fly Rods and the Montana Fly Company, as well as Owner of The Flyfisher Guide Service
May 29, Fly Fishing for Bass, with Jake McKittrick. Jake, our warm water guru, will be discussing strategies and tactics for catching this All American Fish! This is a great seminar for those looking for other fishing options during this years run-off.


Trout's Fly Fishing 1303 E. 6th Ave Denver, CO 303-733-1434 http://mail01.mail.com/scripts/mail/compose.mail?compose=1&.ob=8b03affa741e1197e9ce07f2a2171be17a61739c&composeto=shop@troutsflyfishing.com&composecc=&subject=&body=

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

It's Pike Season Baby!!

It's that time of year...no not Trout, it's time for Pike!

For those that haven't tried to tame one of these big beast get ready for some time on the water and after many hours, few thousand casts, prepare for a freight train to hit that super huge fly at the end of your 7 weight.

I've been keeping a watchful eye on some local water in the Colorado Front Range area and after more snow, than warmer weather a few lakes became alive for the 2008 season. There are a number of lakes here in Colorado that if you talk to some pro's about can point you in the right direction, keep in mind that not many fly shops even know about where to fish for these toothy critters or the tackle involved. After spending some time in Canada going after Pike it makes it so sweet to go in my own backyard to have some fun.

So far this Spring has been a good one and after a few outings I've managed to land a number of Pike in the 25-30" range and it's time to take a break from those 14" trout now when it's one of the best times of year to go after a potential 35-40" Pike.
"Northern Pike aren't glamerous, but neither are their terrestrial stalkers"
Where to go you ask?
Here's a few lakes to get you going..
11 Mile Reservoir
Lathrop Reservoir
Stagecoach Reservoir
Crawford Reservoir
Rifle Gap
Rio Blanco Lake

Spring Tips:
-Get a good thermometer, look for shalllows that are atleast 50 degrees
-Use 10-12inch strips, use a slower retrieve if the water is cooler, speed up your strip as it warms up
-Look for a weedy dark bottom in the lake
-Big forceps (10"-15" works wonder when retrieving your fly
-Using a #25lb mono set up should work fine, also if needed a shock tippet, or a steel leader
-7 weight rod or 8 weight if wind is around works great if wind is around or for a long day of casting
-Bucktails, Bunny flies are the ticket and the bigger the better. Decimeter-long trailers in varying shades of Flashabou in an icy-blue and silver work well, along with solid black, seemed to be the ticket the last few weeks here in Colorado.
-Six to a 10 foot leader should work well but I've caught them with a 5 foot leader so it doesn't have to be exact

On Rivers and reservoirs where Pike season is continuous scan for pre-spawn fish off or near steep rock breaks and below dam areas. Not long after, usually around March and April, these fish move to shallower areas to feed and later reproduce. The next is the breeding process which occurs in backwater areas off of a main channel as well as near some feeder creek if you're targeting river areas.

Have fun and one last bit of advice, DON'T STICK YOUR FINGERS IN THAT MOUTH unless you want to loose them, very sharp teeth and gills!!

Montana Report: Blackfoot/Bitterroot/Rock Creek!

Recent Report from my Buddy Martin who lives in Mssoula~

More on Flyfishaddiction

Well, I have been lucky enough to make it out a few times in the last month or so. The weather has been cool and wet with a few sunny days in between.
Yesterday was the first day I have been fishing for more than 3 or 4 hours in a single day and managed a little bit of a sun burn. Most of the days I have been fishing have been between 3 and 7pm in the evening after work or on the weekends. Many of those trips driving no more than 30 minutes from town. I have made some great memories already on the Bitterroot, Blackfoot, Rock Creek, and a few other secret spots around Missoula. Dennis Doran, lucky guy holding the nice rainbow, has been nice enough to show me around the area. He is also building our new house in Lolo; great guy, contractor, and fishing buddy.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Fly Fishing in Jackson Hole: Techniques and Tactics Part 1

Fly Fishing in Jackson Hole: Techniques and Tactics Part 1

The first half of our discussion will concentrate on the environmental factors that influence and help dictate which techniques and tactics you'll want to utilize while fly fishing in Jackson Hole. It sets the stage for next months column which will focus on specific techniques and strategies I've found useful over the years.In brief, most Jackson Hole fly fishing situations share three common characteristics:First of all, the vast majority of the time you'll be fishing for the same sub-species of trout, the Snake River Fine-spotted CutthroatSecondly, the rivers you'll be fishing are almost all freestone streamsFinally, similar environmental conditions exist throughout (i.e. climate, water temperature gradients, predators, sparse hatches, food sources, etc.)To sum it up, you've got the same type trout residing in similar habitat (freestone streams) and influenced by similar environmental conditions throughout Jackson Hole. Is it any wonder a common theme is manifest in our approach to fly fishing the region? In other words, what works on one river or stream will probably work on another as well.The TroutEach species of trout share behavioral traits which help differentiate it from other species of trout. Browns are wary, rainbows jump and Snake River cutts are mean SOB's. They are very much a product of their environment. To survive they must be aggressive and opportunistic. As you will see, this has far reaching implications for the Jackson Hole fly fisher.Another very endearing quality of the cutthroat trout is it's willingness to surface feed. Of all the species of trout, none is more likely to rise to the top of the water column for a meal than the cutthroat. When in cutthroat country you can almost always fish with dry flies if you choose. Other methods will certainly work too, and at times be even more effective, but if you are a dry fly die-hard you'll usually find enough action to keep you happy.

The HabitatFreestone streams in Jackson Hole derive their water supply (primarily) from the snowmelt of the surrounding peaks. They support less vegetation and insect life than a typical spring creek and can exhibit widely divergent personalities at different times of the year. During run-off they are high, off-color and for all practical purposes, unfishable. This annual scouring does, in large measure, prevent vegetation from taking root as well as limiting insect numbers.Later in the summer, especially in low water years, freestoners can be quite tame with a correspondingly significant reduction of trout holding lies.Incidentally, Jackson Hole has many spring creeks. However, the vast majority of them are located on private property.The EnvironmentVarious environmental conditions (including the habitat, as mentioned above) have significant influences on trout behavior:Climate: Long harsh winters and a long run-off season combine to create a relatively short growing season for the cutthroat. Consequently, cutthroat trout must be more aggressive and opportunistic in their feeding patterns than trout living in more moderate climates.

Factor in sparse Jackson Hole hatches and this becomes even more true.Water Temperature Gradients: Here we are referring to daily fluctuations in water temperatures and how quickly, or slowly, they occur. Many fishermen, including the author, believe that steep temperature gradients trigger trout feeding behavior. In other words, gradients which warm (or cool) through a greater range of temperatures (say 50° - 62° as opposed to 55° - 62°) will have a greater influence on feeding behavior during the time period in which the temperature change takes place.In many parts of the country, the best fishing takes place during the cool mornings and evenings because midday temperatures get too warm. In Jackson Hole, the reverse is true. Mornings and evenings are often too cold with the best feeding activity taking place when the water warms in late morning and early afternoon. In either case, whether the water temperature is warming or cooling into the optimal feeding temperatures, the best fishing will take place during the transitional periods.

To bottom line it for the aspiring Jackson Hole fly fisher, the best fishing of the day normally occurs at midday, between late morning and late afternoon. A typical summer day will see fishing activity pick up around 10:30 or 11:00 am and begin to slow down around 4 or 5 pm. If water temperatures warm too much during this time period you will often see a lull in feeding behavior around 2:30 or 3 pm, to be followed by an increase in feeding as the river begins to cool.Predators: In New Zealand, trout have no natural predators other than man. Huge browns can be spotted holding in open, crystal clear water. Such is not the case in Jackson Hole.In Jackson Hole it seems as though everything that moves is trying to make the cutthroat it's next meal, or so it must seem to the trout. Trout predators in Jackson Hole include, but are not limited to: herons, pelicans, larger trout, mink, eagles, osprey, otters, bears and man.Needless to say, that's quite a list. Herons, pelicans and larger trout prey primarily on small trout. Mink, eagles and osprey focus on the medium size range while otters, bears and man can take on the largest trout with relative ease. If that weren't bad enough, huge lake trout in the 35 - 40 pound range have been known to attack and kill trout weighing 5 pounds or more.With such a lengthy list of active predators, it's not hard to understand why you don't see Jackson Hole cutthroats holding in open water. Snake River cutts had better hide or else! Cutthroats will use the following forms of structure to seek shelter: deeper pools, rocks, undercut banks, riffles, and downed trees.Riffles provide so-so cover at best. Abundant food and oxygen will

Jackson, WY Weather
Currently Outside-62FSunny. Mild.

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The Addiction Begins Now! Welcome to The FFA Blog

Welcome to the FlyFish Addiction Blog site!

FFA has been around for sometime now, we have had many request for additional way for other fisherman to talk about their adventures, hot spots and ways they to post their big fish somewhere. Flyfishaddiction is about people like you. People who would rather fish than eat, sleep or work. Who would brave rain, snow and 100% humidity to chase that elusive fish! One thing is certain, either your boss, girlfriend or wife has had to deal with your addiction so what better place to spend your time. From trout fishing in the Rocky Mountains, Silver Salmon in Alaska, or Bonefish in the Bahamas, there is always another fish to chase.Troutdawg started this site to help others, whether it's posting your experiences about local fishing or your travels around the globe......This is the place! If you haven't been to our site...click here and welcome to FlyFish Addiction http://www.flyfishaddiction.com/

Sportsman’s Alliance for Alaska Quarterly Newsletter!

Sportsman’s Alliance for Alaska Quarterly E-mail Newsletter, April 2008
More Info at Flyfishaddiction
The expanded version of the Sportsman’s Alliance for Alaska (SAA) newsletter is available at the SAA Web site. The online newsletter includes updates on the Bristol Bay, Tongass National Forest, and Teshekpuk Lake campaigns, as well as action items and a schedule of upcoming SAA appearances. I encourage you to click the link above and read all the news.
This e-mail will focus on some exciting news which will benefit the fight to protect Bristol Bay.
Abel reels has stepped up its support for the SAA and the Bristol Bay campaign. Visit the Abel Web site to learn about the new limited edition "No Pebble Mine" Super 5N trout reel. Only 100 of this beautiful reel will be made, with 99 reels being sold directly by Abel or though Abel dealers. From each of the 99 reels sold by Abel or its dealers, $200 will be donated to the SAA. On top of that very generous support, Abel has donated Reel #1 of 100 to the SAA. That reel will be made available later in the year either by auction or limited-entry raffle. Stay tuned for further news. For now, rush to the Abel Web site and get your hands on one of these special reels before they’re gone.
The SAA is launching a huge online fundraising auction to benefit the Bristol Bay campaign. The auction will last for at least a few months with new items being placed up for bid every few days. Each item will be open for bid for 10 days. The auction is being hosted by eBay, so the format should be familiar to a lot of people. The process to bid and buy is easy, so get ready to raise some money to help protect Bristol Bay!
This auction would not be possible without the generosity and support of so many companies in the sporting products industry. You will find fishing rods, reels, waders, other outdoor gear, artwork, and trips to some fantastic destinations in Alaska as well as Mexico, Chile, Belize, and Canada. The Sportsman’s Alliance for Alaska and the campaign to protect Bristol Bay would like to extend a very sincere thank you to all of the donors who contributed to this fundraising effort.
The minimum price for all items and trips has been set at under 75% of retail value, but the hope is that every item or trip will sell for retail value or higher. We are definitely “David” to the mining corporation’s “Goliath” in this fight. Nothing worth saving or no fight worth winning ever comes easy. Much work will be needed to prevail in this fight, and your support is critical. Here’s your opportunity to help save one of the greatest sporting destinations in the world. Bid early and often.
Without further delay, please check out the details for the first listing.
The first item up for bid is an awesome trip for two to Rainbow River Lodge in July of 2008. Rainbow River Lodge has very generously donated this trip, and they are nearly full for 2008 so this is your chance to visit a fantastic lodge in the Bristol Bay region and support the efforts to protect Bristol Bay at the same time. BID NOW!Details are as follows:
Dates are set firmly from July 12-18, 2008
Trip is for two and spots will not be sold individually
Six days of guided fly-out fishing and six nights lodging
Rates include: all five-star meals, guiding, use of all boats and motors, use of aircraft, all equipment including rods, reels, flies and leaders, flights between the lodge and Iliamna, and a seven-day non-resident fishing license
Rates do not include: tips, liquor and commercial air travel between winning bidder’s home and Iliamna
Note: Guests are required to provide their own beer, wine and liquor as Iliamna is a “dry” village. The lodge has information to assist you in purchasing and shipping your alcohol.
A full schedule and list of items on the auction will be available on the SAA Web site so you can plan your bidding. A running tally of funds raised will also be kept on the same page.
In closing, I’d like to thank all of you for your continued interest in Alaska fishing and hunting, and the efforts to protect the habitats which support some of the greatest fish and game resources in the world. Take time to read the full version of the SAA newsletter. Take action, encourage your friends to learn about Alaska, and get out and enjoy the outdoors this summer. Head north to Alaska for that “trip of a lifetime” you always talk about. Life’s short, so get out and participate!
Finally, if you’ve got any great pictures you’d like to share, I think we’re going to set up a photo gallery on the SAA Web site. Just e-mail them to mailto:scott@sportsmansalliance4ak.org?subject=Contact with a short description. It can be pictures of you fishing or hunting in Alaska, or it can be from somewhere else. One of the first to be included will be this one, sent to me last week from Brian O’Keefe … no, it’s not taken in Alaska. I guess they don’t care much for Pebble Mine in the Bahamas either!
The next newsletter update will be coming some time in July. Until then, take care, take action, and good luck on the water and in the woods!

Scott HedDirector – Sportsman’s Alliance for Alaska

Boca Grande Fishing Report!

More Info at Flyfishaddiction

Boca Grande, Fl 29 April 2008

Fishing in Boca Grande this week has consisted of morning fishing and fighting the wind in the afternoon. Strong winds have caused some areas to become muddy. Finding clean water was the key to our success this week.

Ray Schwable, of Sarasota and I fished Monday seeking tarpon on the fly with little success. The few fish we did find were in the back country and very spooky. Ray did take several nice seatrout on a Clouser minnow.

Jess Jones, of Longboat Key caught pompano, trout and ladyfish in Sarasota Bay on Tuesday. Jess, an ardent fly fisher, used an Estaz marabou and Clouser minnows. Terry Russell and his best friend Norman, while taking an advanced fly casting class on Wednesday and Thursday, managed over 100 fish including jacks, seatrout and ladyfish. Terry missed the best fish of the trip when he lost a large redfish in Whidden's Creek. Dan Baily of Boca Grande cast to finicky tarpon on Friday morning having to settle for lots of large seatrout to 23 inches. Bill Walsh, of Marion, Ma., brought his son and daughter out Sunday morning in Boca Grande. His daughter Kate managed the largest fish of the trip, of course.

The tarpon are here, the weather is not. But that is certain to change by week's end. As soon as the weather breaks, the tarpon will be abundant. Ron Whitely and I took redfish on Puglisi flies and snook on the Estaz marabou today, plus a scattering of seatrout. The wind was already up by the time we quit, but we saw a lot of bait in the bay. This will make fishing much more active in the next week. So... it is time to go fishing.

Fish hard,

Vail Valley Fly Fishing News... Pre Run-Off?!

More info at Flyfishaddiction

The boats are on the Eagle!!

Check our website www.flyfishingoutfiters.net
for up-to-date fishing reports, guide and rowing training, fly-tying classes and travel and lodging info.

970-845-0284 (fax)

1060 West Beaver Creek Blvd.
Avon, Colorado 81620

PO Box 2861
Vail, Colorado 81658Bob Strebbob@flyfishingoutfitters.net

The Eagle has finally reached a floatable level for pre run-off fishing.

We all look forward to these days as the fishing can be some of the best of the year. Pre run-off doesn't last long, so call today to book your float!

Call these next few months often for reports as we have a burly spring flow ahead of us.

The river has been fishing great all spring and we are really excited getting back out there with the boats.

If you want to take advantage of some great pre run-off fishing... give us a call and get here soon, you wont be sorry!!!

See you soon - From the FFO Family... the recently selected
2007 Orvis Endorsed Outfitter of the Year!!!
(yup - you heard it here first - more to come on our recent award...)

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"On The Rise" Show by TU and Frank Smethurst

This is from the Flyfishaddiction website
Trout Unlimited On The Rise is the next generation of TU television. Hosted by Colorado guide and increasingly notorious fly fishing media personality Frank Smethurst, OTR is one man's road journey in search of the most compelling coldwater fisheries in the country, along with the people who fight to protect them. Join Frank, an arsenal of fly rods, and a trout-skinned Airstream trailer on an insider's tour of American trout country.
Website with Information on the Show

Trout Unlimited On the Rise: 2008 Episode Descriptions
Show 1: Bighorn River, MT
After picking up his Airstream trailer in Missoula, Montana, Frank heads to a classic Western tailwater in the south-central part of the state. There's a big reason (or maybe several thousand reasons per mile) the Bighorn River is so high on so many fly fishing lists, and Frank won't rest until he finds it (them).

Show 2: Madison River, MT
(1)Begrudgingly leaving the Bighorn River behind, Frank heads for the Madison River, the famed "100-mile riffle" upstream of Ennis, Montana. Frank hooks up with an old fishing buddy, Michael Gibson of Montana Trout Unlimited, and together they go in search of a native Westslope cutthroat trout.

Show 3: Madison River, MT
(2)There are not many rivers that have bested Frank Smethurst in his career as a fly fisherman—but the Madison is one of them. In the effort to beat his Madison curse, Frank enlists the help of legendary streamer-fishing guru Kelly Galloup.

Show 4: Deschutes River, OR
The mighty "D," as the locals call it, is one of the most fabled steelhead rivers in the world. Frank goes after some summer-run chrome, and finds out about a salmon and steelhead recovery project that would fit right into the pages of a science-fiction novel.

Show 5: Metolius River, OR
Renowned for crystal-clear (and ice-cold) flows and gorgeous scenery, the Metolius River also harbors one of the only populations of bull trout healthy enough to allow sport fishing. These bulls also happen to grow huge—well in excess of 30 inches.

Show 6: South Fork Snake River, ID
It's not often you find trout advocates encouraging the harvesting of rainbows, but in the effort to keep Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout off the Endangered List that's exactly what Trout Unlimited is doing. Frank floats the stunning South Fork, and looks to fork himself a rainbow dinner.

Show 7: Rapid River, ID
One of Trout Unlimited's top priorities is to protect America's remaining roadless areas that harbor coldwater fisheries. One such place is Idaho's Rapid River, where Frank hooks up with TU's chief Idaho roadless advocate for a camping and fishing trip

Show 8: Big Lost River, ID (1)
The Big Lost is aptly named, as it flows through gaining and losing reaches throughout its length. Frank tries to solve the mystery of this place, and along the way finds a spring creek honey hole that produces rainbows that need to be seen to be believed.

Show 9: Big Lost River, ID
(2)One of TU's biggest concerns in the Big Lost watershed is the fate of the Big Lost mountain whitefish, an excellent indicator species to the health of the river. In a strange turn of events for a trout fisherman, Frank sets his sights on catching the elusive whitey.

Show 10: Gunnison River, CO
There is a mighty water war waging in the West, and the Gunnison River is the site of a recent victory by the forces of conservation. Frank visits his "home water" with an overnight trip through the Gunnison Gorge, in the peak of brown trout streamer season.

Show 11: Fraser River, CO
The Fraser River is a little gem of a high-valley river tucked away in north-central Colorado. But if the forces of Front Range development have their way, it could be decimated. Frank gets to the heart of what makes this little river so special.

Show 12: Chattooga River, GA
One of the South's most pristine and isolated (it's the river featured in the movie Deliverance) trout rivers, the Chattooga is a labor of love for the many TU members who nurture it. Frank takes a look at some of the ways they've got the Chattooga's back.

Show 13: South Holston/Watauga Rivers, TN
Most famous trout tailwaters are located in the West, but these two rivers prove that there's no western monopoly on tailwater greatness. Frank hooks up with some old fishing buddies for a full-on brown trout attack.

Show 14: Davidson River, NC
The last leg of Frank's tour of southern trout water lands on the Davidson River in western North Carolina. Frank gets a look at the inner workings of a TU Embrace-A-Stream grant, and stalks some uncomfortably large brown trout.

Show 15: Northern Ohio Steelhead
The Great Lakes steelhead fishery is a wonder of modern fisheries management, and the counties surrounding Cleveland, Ohio have recognized the value of securing and maintaining prime steelhead water so close to an urban area. Frank fishes some mighty small water for some mighty fine freshwater steelhead.



Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Great Trip on The Colorado!

This is from our Flyfishaddiction Website
We were able to hit the Colorado many of the last few weekends before the Rado turned Chocolate. It's been fishing great for most of late March through mid April hitting a few near the Parshall area...checkout some shots!

Todd with a brut! Eggs, eggs and eggs seem to be the ticket for all of us this weekend,

A nice Colorful Bow I got on the Bluey! Man do they get colorful in these parts, reminds me of a few San Juan Rainbows or even a few from the Yampa up the road.

Sweet Day of fishing! I had this spot all to myself before the fellas made there way up to Grand county on Friday.

Ahhh Winter fishing in the Rockies is pretty hard to beat! Well hiking in was a bit challenging but we made it in know time.

Dave with one of his Nicest Bows of the Trip! He beat his previous years record for his biggest trout caught on another fine trip.

Basecamp Cabins in Kremmling was the spot to be in. 5 minutes to the water, a few blocks to anything we need and fine Mexican restaurants to chow down on. A definite must for our next trip, just call and ask for Kim....she'll set you up.
*Our buddy Steve made the trip for the day and though he was keeping busy with his fishing dog Sushi, we sorta got split up, that and his dog was keen on a few fishing spots just South of us. He did get into some fish we just missed out on some of his pictures....we promise next time to to get him on here!
Top Flies:
Chartruse egg/OJ nuc egg/Pink egg/WD40
#10 Golden Stones/#20 RSII/Red Midges
#8 black buggers/#6 Mudd Minnow/

For Blue River or Colorado River Fishing Reports contact:

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Great Fly Fishing Articles of the Month!

If you get some time...Check these out!

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Colorado Trout Forecast
Tom Behrens covers the South Platte, Arkansas, and the Colorado Rivers in this annual review of prospects for Colorado anglers in Rocky Mountain Game & Fish magazine. "Habitat improvement has coaxed cutbows to make spawning runs upriver from Elevenmile Reservoir. 'Twelve- to 18-inch cutbows used to run up the river in a spawning run. Whether or not they were very successful at spawning -- probably not -- they were thinking they were going to do that.'"

Fly Fishing Russia's Ponoi
Nick Karas writes of a recent expedition to float the Ponoi River, on Russia's Kola Peninsula, and of the big, slow river's startling fecundity. "The Volga’s position in the international imagination has been usurped by the Ponoi and its fantastic largess of Atlantic salmon. Measured by sheer numbers of fish, the Ponoi is probably the best salmon river in the world." In Gray's Sporting Journal.

Andy Mill on Tarpon, Big Reels and Gel Spun
"'You want to know what that fish wants before the fly ever leaves your hand,' Mill said. 'Tarpon want to be caught. You just have to understand the language.'" Orlando Sun-Sentinel columnist Steve Waters talks with the expert tarpon angler and uncovers one or two things that some might consider idiosyncrasies, like Mill's use of Tibor's big "Pacific" fly reel and 650 yards of 50-pound Gel Spun backing.

100 Yards of Courtesy
Don't we all wish. New York fly shop owner Wayne Walts offers up guidelines for what are considered good manners on the state's often-crowded trout waters. "Proper etiquette calls for boaters to row or walk their craft behind wading fishermen. Unfortunately, many rookie boaters barely know how to row and thus float out of control." J. Michael Kelly in the Syracuse Post-Standard.

Hatch Worship
Pat Wray writes about the coming of the spring hatch and the concurrent emergence of awareness in the minds of fishermen. "News of hatches and bites requires no technological assistance; it transcends electronics, traveling directly from the mind of one fisherman to the heart of another. Oh, we’ll call friends and acquaintances for confirmation; we’ll check river levels and weather forecasts, but the decision is already made." In the Corvallis, Oregon Gazette-Times.

"Tag-and-Release" Trips
Pointing to fly fishing as the likely origin of most catch-and-release fishing, Ed Zieralski describes a new type of high-end fishing trip: where the participants pay big bucks to tag and release large numbers of pelagic fish. "'It was a pretty enlightening trip,' said Greenberg, a director of operations for an investment company, one of the 15 anglers, each of whom not only paid the usual price of $4,000 for the long-range trip, but another $1,500 (tax-deductible) for a retrievable archival tag." In the San Diego Union-Tribune.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Double-Checking Fly Materials
As Canadian fly tier Warren Duncan, the "The Highness of Hairwing," recently found out, shipping flies across the U.S. border is likely to become more of a challenge. (You may know Duncan as the tier who popularized a fly called "The Undertaker" in the late 1970s.)
Despite the fact that most of his materials come from the U.S., he had to account for the origins of every bit of content. "The flies are made mostly with the hair and feathers of animals, so Duncan had to research and list the country of origin and Latin name of every last bit of turkey, caribou, cow and rooster that ended up as part of his creations." From CBC News.

A $2 Level Line and a Clinch-Knot Leader
A story in the Houston Chronicle today reminds me of when as a boy Phil Gonzalez, later one of the first lodge owners on Montana's Bighorn River, wanted to go fish Yellowstone Park for the first time. He walked into Dan Bailey's shop in downtown Livingston, Montana and told Dan what he wanted to do. Dan gave him a rigged fly rod and box full of flies and said, "Just bring it back when you're done."
In the Chronicle, Joe Dogget describes how learning to fly fish has changed in fifty years. "The concept of a tapered leader was awfully sophisticated. Angling greats Joe Brooks and A.J. McClain recommended a '60-20-20' system graduating from butt to tippet, but such refinements seemed unnecessary on the duck pond."

New Cutthroat Trout Video
The TatteredFly.com Weblog turned up an excellent 27-minute streaming video produced by the Idaho Chapter of the American Fisheries Society. "Rising from the Shadows: The Return of the Cutthroat Trout" includes some wonderful underwater photography and plenty of footage of cutthroat trout in their native habitat. While you're at it, check out Tattered Fly, a well-designed blog with lots of stuff of interest to fly fishers, including a recent photo essay on Idaho's

Top Fishing Sites of The Week!

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