Colorado River Fall Fishing Grand County Style

Colorado River Fall Fishing

Fall Fishing, Brown Trout and Few Crowds...Oh Yeah!

After having my 1st weekend off from fishing in 2 months, I was going through withdrawals and had to get back out on some quality water again fast. Where did we go you ask? Well why not the Rado! I lived in this area some 12 years ago and each opportunity to get back there is met with a gracious attitude by any person that tags along with me for some hot fishing. I won't say when we hit it but it was within the last month or so and hasn't disappointed.

Nothing like an early morning ride to get the juices flowing and some eager trout awaiting right at 1st light. It's hard to beat being the first person on the water and on my second cup of joe when it's only 6am!



Dave hit a honey hole of his that truely paid off. Than again this is actually called "Daves Hole " believe it or not, he owns it each time we go there! "Troutdawg's hole" didn't fare as well but there were so many other good holes, who needed my hole.



This was another fun spot that rarely sees anyone, most can't find it and the ones that do rarely fish it for long anyways. Boy do I love Fall fishing in Grand county...I may have to pick up residency here again.


 Yard sale after getting worked over by a 25" Bow that took me into a deep pool...I know that pool very well now!

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