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So you think you like to Carp fish! Well I'm out atleast 25 days a year for these Goldens and every trip out doesn't net a fish, but it does give me more knowledge on how to catch these Extremely elusive fish. One thing is for certain, outside of Tiger muskie and Wipers, these fish will give you a headache as well as the fight of your Life!

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Denver Carp Fishing is On The Rise Thanks To The Carp Slam

Summer Carpin is Cranking Up

As Summer winds down one thing is certain for the Summer of 2011, Carp addicts it seems have tripled in size since Summer 2010. With Carp on the agenda for more fly fishers than ever before, one group is always there to say thanks to. The Denver Trout Unlimited Org is there in the lead for spearheading efforts these last few years to recognize this impressive fish species.

For those that still think that Carp aren't worthy to have a fly presented to, you may want to try this before you past judgement. I have transformed many a fisherman and still find these fish some of the hardest freshwater fish to catch!

I've been fortunate enough to have spent close to 20+ days out Carpin this Summer and each trip out was an adventure to say the least. One thing for certain is that regardless of how many times you spend out chasing Goldens, you learn something new everytime. Sometimes you can land 5-10 Carp on a good day and many times you can go 5-10 trips out without landing one!

Each Carp landed on a fly is pretty sweet buy I decided to take a different route this Summer. I decided to Target a 40+lb Grass Carp I found in one of many Location X Spots around Denver. I spend so many mornings, mid days and evenings chasing this beast not able to close to the deal -sorry to all my FFA Carp faithfuls. Not only did I become hypnotized by this amazing fish but another monster, pushing 50+lbs also came my way 3x. This monster only gave me 3 shots at her and no I couldn't close the deal. After almost landing the 40lbr once, I was destined to chase it over and over never able to close again (sunbathe-no eat, laugh at my fly, sunbathe-no eat again). Maybe this Fall I'll be back for more'

this came from a 2nd grass Carp hiding in froggy water, I strip set on one and it came up on a 2nd Grassy next to her, not my plan but anything can happen when carp fishing it seems

One thing is for certain, Carp fishing in the State of Colorado would have never taken off if it was not for the group who became proactive in restoring the South Platte River in Denver by way of the Annual Denver Carp Slam. I was lucky to have been involved with this great group of guys in the planning of the Carp Slam back when I was the Activities Director for Denver Trout Unlimited. This group has put so much effort into raising money for the South Platte Greenway Foundation. Tim "fishman" Emery has made this Annual event one worth checking out and if you can, compete in the 2 day event or if not, attend the Sat night after event party for a night out! Can't wait to hear who wins this year and maybe one of these years I'll stay in town long enough to compete again.

big grass

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                                    Perfect flows..100-200cfs
                               anything less good but high spookfactor

Front Range Locations:





-REI Hole best, smaller fish but easier to spot, stalk and walk up on. That and overhead bridges make visibility best. Homeless people make it a negative though

-In Denver/Thorton area off of 74th ave. a little west of broadway (Mickey's Steakhouse),

 Also South Platte near 88th and Colorado blvd

-Evergreen lakes

Johnson Lake & Clemont Park last night (Wadsworth and Bowles)

-80th and Wadsworth (Arbor lake)

Chatfield ponds off of C470 and Santa fe

- Jackson barbour ponds

Good Carp water in Commerce City        Secret Troutdawg Carp Hotspot

Top Colorado Flies To Use:

Link to Top Carp Flies Section

Best colors: Brown/Olive/BlackGriffeth Gnat good-when they are eating midges

Terrestrials- hoppers, ants,wolly worms

Hares ear,Olive dragonfly, damsels

halfback, mohair leech, and crawfish imitations.

10 scuds,Yellow CCC #1

Umpqua mudbug a favorite also
Also luck with a san Juan worm and a #18 soft hackle,
CDC on a #14 dry fly hook to imitate the cotton that comes off the trees.

bead chain olive damsel on a #10.

Best Overall Choices Also:
Clouser swimming Nymph
Galloups Trick or Treat
Galloups Mayfly imitation
Carp Candy
Carp Tease Flies

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Downtown Denver, You Never Know What You Might Get!

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