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It can change in a heartbeat but carry along Damsels, olive hares ears, callibaetis dries and
callibaetis nymph patterns. Also
bring along olive/black woolly buggers, olive scuds, and chironomids of varying colors #14/16.

Antero Reservoir:
Current Antero (Denver Owned) Water Levels
Fishing Report: The big trout are still hitting daily,
average sizes are 3-8 pounds!! 
Boaters: Allow a few extra minutes to get your
boat inspected and please make sure there is
no mud on your boat or trailer before inspection
or they may turn you away, bring rags with you
and wipe to wipe down your boat down just in
case. Inspection are at South Boat Ramp only
North Boat Ramp will remain closed to trailored
boats. Float tubers should use the North Boat
Ramp to launch to save time in line. 


Antero is derived from the Spanish word "first," as it was the first dam on the South Platte River near the river's origin and first in storage capacity (at the time of construction). Antero Dam is a earth-fill dam built in 1909. Geologists believe the reservoir occupies the site of a former lakebed, probably no more than 300 years old. Green Lake lies submerged within Antero Reservoir.

Getting There: Take Hwy 285 to Fairplay. About a mile south of Fairplay veer southeast on Hwy 9 toward Hartsel. After about 15 miles you will reach a stop sign at the intersection with Hwy 24. Turn right (west) on Hwy 24. The entrances to Antero Reservoir will be on your right. The entrance to the north access will be first and the entrance to the south access next.

Weather can change in a heartbeat so bring the sunscreen, as well as goretex jacket to conmbat that late Spring/early Summer weather.

Cutty's on a dry fly is hards to beat and even better is to watch the take and get her to the boat. When the Callibaetis go off, there's nothing like it! Splashes all around and everyone hooking up.

One of our days out at Antero turned a little windy at 7:30 and by noon we had whitecaps and 40mph winds...this is June, where's the nice weather? We still caught fish but you better leave that 4 weight at home, it aint working in that wind.

Nice day out fishing at Antero finally!       Brian Yamauchi picture   copyrighted 
When you have one of those calm days and the fishing is good, that's the reason we fish there, but those days are sometimes hard to find, just keep going and it will happen.

Fatty rainbows are here, but when you try to finally land her, grab a camera and grab it with 2 hands it aint so easy to do. One quick picture and it's back in the water. Also don't use a camera that has a broken camera LCD lens, you never know how it will turn out!

Crowded Antero Campers....You better believe it!! Bring your earplugs Fo Sure, this was a weekday shot too!

                  Sunset in South Park out on the water

   Game warden checks an Antero boat filled with Bait chuckers!!

Map of the Antero area for those that aren't familiar with the area

Crowd control, one day we noticed 160 boats on the water, 40 on the point wall fishing and about 50 campers in the campground...Ouch, elbow to elbow for sure! Plenty of fish but also with that comes plenty of Yahoo's yelling everytime they catch one.Nice shot there Tim, glad we were able to hook into a fe wthat nasty day!

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