Alaska Fall Kenai River Rainbows


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A dandy of a bow that worked me good! After a long fight and no ground on her trying to get her upstream, we had to cross some deep water and cross down stream to get a good angle on her. Glad we did and one to remember.

Colin with the 1st of many beast on the day. I saw this fatty come up and jump during his fight and new he was in for a fun ride. Great catch and thanks again to Drifter for spotting this Big Bow!

Grabbing another good shot from a big rainbow on the day. Man do I love these Leapord bow spots and pink stripes. Not many fish compare to the beauty of these Alaskan wonders

Some sweet shots again made by Colin! No thanks to my waterproof camera that went Kaput, no water shots for me after the 2nd day so glad Colin was there to grab some impressive shots


We saw this Beauty coming in 1st of the daty and after many, many attempts it was a no go. Once things settled down and we had a long day of catching fish we headed back to see if our baby was still in the same spot. Oh yeah, she was still swimming in the deep clear pool and afer a few modifications, my 2nd cast netted this Pig! Notice my crappy hold on her and how far her tail goes back, she had some length on her Fo Sho'

First of many fish on the day, once things started heating up it seemed each catch the fish got bigger and bigger each cast.

Guide dog Drifter helped me land another good fish and to make sure she was put back with ease. Drifter was always willing to provide some kisses if need be to see these bows lived another fine day in Alaska's pristene waters, thanks Drifter!!

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